Sunday, July 23, 2006

So, here are some pictures from the Peace Action National Congress at Wayne State University in Detroit, where I spent Friday through Sunday of last weekend. Here are two of our key volunteers in one of the classrooms where most of the presentations took place:

And here are some interesting statues from the campus near where we met:

Here's one of my favorite Peace Action people, Jerry Lotierzo, with representative Lynn Woolsey of California:

And here I am with rep. John Conyers of Detroit:

These are all the folks that showed up from New York State -- from Staten Island, Manhattan, Buffalo, and Syracuse:

Some of my favorite folks -- Colin Eager, who is Executive Director of Peace Action of Western New York in Buffalo, Melissa Van, who is Executive Director of Peace Action of New York State in Manhattan, and Jerry Lotierzo, who is co-chair of Peace Action of Central New York here in Syracuse.

Tonight I went with Aly, who is an intern at the Syracuse Peace Council, to a pot luck at Jessica Maxwell's house. Jessica is on staff at the Syracuse Peace Council and her house is a co-op of 8 (?) people. We had a delicious vegetarian meal and very interesting conversation. There were about 10 of us in all who ate together outside on two tables we pushed together. The conversation included the following topics: Israel/Palestine, vegetarianism/killing animals, white male confidence, the green party, the unification of the peace movement, economics, environmentalism... maybe more, I can't remember. I think I succeeded in drinking the entire bottle of wine I brought. Someone else made some sort of mixed drink that most people were drinking, so I don't think anyone else was drinking the wine. I guess they have a pot luck every Sunday -- woo hoo!!

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