Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So it turns out that Kate, the girl who used to have my job until she said "Make me Executive Director or I quit", is going to Madison this weekend for some sort of community radio convention to represent Syracuse's community radio station. I asked her if she was driving and if so if she had room in the car, but it turns out that she's flying. So sad. I had to think about whether or not to ask her to bring me something back, but I realized the only "things" I would have wanted her to bring me are people. So, I just told her she should make sure to visit *Revolution Books* and *A Room of One's Own* on State Street. I was tempted to mention a few restaurants, but again, it's not like she could bring me take-out or something, and there are lots of good restaurants -- it doesn't really make sense to insert my influence. Strangely, it turns out she is staying with the composer who wrote the opera I sang in when I first got to Syracuse -- the one about Leonard Peltier. I didn't even know he lived in Madison. I thought he lived in Seattle. But I shouldn't be surprised. From the moment I meant Kate, I have been continually surprised by all the coincidences. She lives on the same street I do; she has 3 cats; she runs; she's a vegetarian; she's an artist; she drives the same kind of car I do. It's almost like we're two versions of the same person. I should ask her how old she is. Maybe she was born in the same hospital at the same time. No -- I think she's at least a few years younger than me. Anyway, I won't be in Madison this weekend, but someone who is something like me will be.

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