Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well, I'm off to Michigan for the weekend. Jerry, Jess, and I leave for Detroit tomorrow morning at 7am for the Peace Action National Congress at Wayne State University. I'm excited to get away for a little while and also to get a sense of what this organization is like on a larger scale. It should be interesting to meet people from other chapters -- especially the more radicals ones, like California and Maine. On Sunday, my cousin, Julia, her husband, Edwin, and their two year old son, Andrew, are picking me up and bringing me back to their new house in Kalamazoo (or actually some suburb of Kalamazoo with an even weirder name), where I will spend the rest of the week. Then Julia, Andrew, and I will drive together back east, because she's teaching violin at New England Music Camp in Maine for the last part of the summer. I might try to post from the road, if possible, but I'm pretty sure Julia doesn't have high speed internet, so you might not hear from me for a while.

Peace, friends!

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Peaceboy said...

Damn you Jezebel!
It's Aly (aka Peaceboy) and you have somehow gotten me interest5ed in this "blog" phenomenon. I can forecast years wasted on this sterile keyboard, tapping away at the madness of the world. A life well spent? A life wasted? Who knows.

PS: I hope that you had a good trip