Friday, August 18, 2006

My friend, Susan, wrote a blog entry today that got me thinking about why there isn't mouse-flavored cat food? (although that had nothing to do with her blog entry : )) It seems really silly to me to feed my cats animals that they could never catch and eat in nature, like a cow. Why not make cat food from animals that cats would normally eat? Anyway, I decided to do a google search for "mouse flavored cat food" and it gave me a list of 23,500 websites!!! (though none of the ones I looked at answered my question). There was one claim, that I was unable to substantiate, that said Purina had a formula for mouse-flavored cat food at one point, but the cat test subjects rejected it! So, if that's true, I wonder if cats prefer to eat these other animals when given the choice? or if mice taste better raw than cooked? I did find one particularly interesting website about the "ideal" cat diet, that is along the lines of some of the reading I did that made me start making my own food to begin with a few years ago:

Also, I have discovered a cat food that claims to use only organic animals that have been humanely raised:

Pet Promise

though this still doesn't solve the problem of buying food that is shipped thousands of miles before it is eaten. Since I am an idealist, I guess I think there must be a better way. If I could come up with a good recipe made from humanely raised animals (like Plainville Turkey) and local produce, I could make that for my kitties. Heck, maybe I could sell it to other people, too? Or, I could make a nice turkey stew for my mom. : ) I realize this still doesn't really answer the question of why there isn't mouse flavored cat food, but now it occurs to me that if humans were able to catch mice to begin with, we probably wouldn't have evolved into a culture that keeps domesticated cats.


Suze said...

so how exactly do they know what "mouse flavor" tastes like? That could possibly go on that list of "worst jobs in science," along with Flatulence Detector and Bull Masturbator. Yech.

If you want locally grown meat for your kitties, I would opt for the turkey, rather than oh, say, catching your own mice and then, well, you know :)

pamigelsrud said...

Ewww!! Bull Masturbator?? Does someone really do that? Yuck!