Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ok, so I take back everything bad I ever said about air conditioning. It was 97 here today and my office was so brutally hot that I took the mailing project I have to do home since we have air conditioning in one room. It's 10pm and about an hour ago we finally opened up all the windows and turned on the fans in the rest of the house (which we had kept closed up and dark to keep cool) hoping it would cool off enough to sleep normally. Well, it's still 85 degrees inside according to the thermostat, so I won't be trying to sleep anytime soon. It feels just fine in the room where the air conditioner is presently running, but that's not usually where I sleep, so I'll have to figure something out. Last summer, my apartment in Madison had a little balcony off the kitchen where I used to lay out my sleeping bag and pillow on nights like this. I'm not sure sleeping outside would be any better than sleeping in front of a window fan tonight. I might opt to sleep in the room with air conditioning. We'll see. It's really the humidity, not so much the heat, that's such an issue. It's damn sticky and uncomfortable.

On another note, my mom and I have started using iChat with my brother in Denver. It's still pretty novel to get to see the expression on his face while he's talking. Here is a picture I took during our conversation. I had just shown him my t-shirt that says, "I'm a Peace Voter" and he was showing me that his t-shirt says, "Funky Beats".

Is this the space age or what?

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Suze said...

i'm sooo ready for this heat wave to break. my poor dad has been slaving in the hot sun building shelves (a lot of the work is done outside, what with all the sawdust it creates).