Monday, August 14, 2006

So, unfortunately I didn't get to see everyone I would have liked to see in Boston, but I'll just have to go back again sometime soon. It's hard to see everyone and everything in such an awesome city. No offense to anyone else I spent time with, but the highlight of the trip by far was seeing my friend Susan and meeting her baby, Daniel, for the first time, and her brother Joseph. It was so neat to meet Daniel because I spent so much time with Susan while she was pregnant, but I moved away two months before she gave birth. I seriously almost didn't leave Madison just because I was sad about that, but thankfully, I finally got to meet the sweet little guy.

The three of them are so chock full of goodness that the light meter on my little phone camera couldn't handle it:

My other wonderful Bostonian friends who I got to see were Lisa and Jason, who I stayed with (unfortunately I only got a picture of Lisa... well, I had a picture of the two of them, but it was a negative image...)

I also got to see my friend, Jonah, who I forgot to take a picture of (damn it!) Saturday at noon for coffee. I missed seeing my friend, Dominic, who I was supposed to call later that day, because after walking from the Boston Public Library to Harvard Square and then across the bridge to Allston on JFK Street, I was pretty exhausted. So, instead I went back to Lisa and Jason's place where we watched an awesome Akira Kurosawa movie. On Sunday, I met up with my buddies, Marsha and Adam.

We went to a service at Trinity Episcopal together, where we all used to be choir soloists.

On the way to Boston AND on the way home I got to eat at a really delicious Indian restaurant in Lee, MA. I have eaten the dish, Malai Kofta, at probably at least a dozen restaurants in many different cities all over the place. The Malai Kofta I ate at this restaurant was by far the best. Also, there was a lovely view overlooking the water. Great recommendation, Dad! Unfortunately, the only picture I got was of the pappadum, which tastes the same everywhere.

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