Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well, just when you thought I was done talking about my trip to Boston last weekend... The thing is, it turns out that my new camera phone is only as convenient as it is to email each picture individually using the keypad, in other words, not very. I've decided that the only way this camera will be worth using is if I buy a little memory card for it. I wonder how much those cost? Anyway, the point is, I finally got around to emailing myself all the pictures I took on my trip last weekend, so I thought I'd share some more of them. The first batch is from Lisa and Jason's place, where I stayed. This is the view looking both ways on their street:

and here's a nice tree:

Here is a picture of Lisa using the sepia filter:

and a picture of the two of them using the negative filter:

Here are a few pics from the Boston Public Library:

I regret not getting any pictures of that room with the tables and the little green bank lamps...

Here are some pictures from Commonwealth Avenue, which is a lovely street where rich people live. In the median of the street there is a park with trees, benches, and a walkway. There are also some groovy statues:

Here's a picture of my dad, who so kindly drove and paid for the delicious Indian food. He spent the weekend in Plymouth (home of the famous and very overrated rock) with an old college buddy:

Well, gosh... I guess that's it. Oh, one more thing, can you guess where this was taken?

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pamigelsrud said...

No guesses? Well, then I'll tell you. The Hard Rock Cafe.