Wednesday, September 13, 2006

According to Wikipedia,

"a "Rochester accent" can be described as similar to the accent commonly found in the Great Lakes region, like a "Detroit accent". It has also been described by some as "nasally", most easily recognized by the vocalization of the short "a" (æ) sound: "and" is delivered as something closer to "eee-yand".

It is often described as including the pronunciation of the city itself as "Rhaaaaach'str". The younger generations have, for the most part, a weaker accent."


andre Myers said...

It's true that Western NY accent *is* very similar to "Detroit." (Not really Detroit, but it's surrounding areas. . .Plymouth, City of Wayne, Milford, Detxer. . .) I miss the patois actually . . . or should I say aactually. .

big hug for you Pam. . I'll call soon.

tgstock said...

I don't know whatcher taaaking abeaout ... we don't heave an eeaccent in Raaachster.

What about Seeeracuse???

pamigelsrud said...

Dontcha mean Saracuse, Tom? I'd say about 50% of people here pronounce it that way and the other half say Seeeeeeeeeracuse. Do you know why that is?

What's the patois like in LA, Andre? Is that where "Valley Girl" speak came from or do I have my geography screwed up? I'd love to hear from you. Big hug right back at ya!