Thursday, September 28, 2006

On Tuesday I drove to Cape Cod. I didn't have a plan and I didn't really know where I was going, so I just kept driving and driving until I got to Provincetown. Once I got there I realized there was no where to park that didn't cost $6 and it didn't look really like there was anything I wanted to do in P-town since what I really wanted was just to go to the beach, so I got back on the road and got off at the first place that looked promising. There was a sign indicating that vehicles needed to pay $15 to enter the park, but luckily there was no one at the office. That's pretty steep, wouldn't you say? Anyway, there was hardly a soul there.

I just sat on the sand and watched the waves go in and out.

The grains of sand were pretty big (not powdery) so it was easy to see the progression from rock to large pebble to small pebble to grain of sand. It was easy to distinguish the different colored rocks in all those sizes. I've never seen geology in action quite like that before. : ) The grains felt really neat on my feet as I walked on them.

The sun was so bright that I couldn't even see what I was taking pictures of really. The sky was really blue.


tgstock said...

Wow --- beautiful pictures! Are you still on the Cape? Go into the village of Wellfleet if you are --- it is so beautiful.

I'm jealous --- it's rainy and cold here in Rochester :(

Lara said...

Hi Pamb,

These are great photos! I love Cape Cod. Wellfleet is beautiful. We stayed there for part of our honeymoon.