Sunday, October 22, 2006

Arrrrgh! I barely slept at all last night. Let's just say that things are not working out here in Boston quite as smoothly as I'd hoped they would. So now I have an apartment, but not a job. Interesting turn of events, eh? I guess the good thing about living here is that I keep randomly running into old school friends from NEC. Unfortunately, most of those folks are making their living mostly doing something that has nothing to do with music. So, it's nice to have a larger social circle than I did in Madison or Syracuse, but I'd like a little security. Hopefully my temp agency will call me with more work on Monday, but who knows! I move into my new place on Tuesday. It's pretty awesome. I'll tell more about that later on...

So I've decided to make a list of things that make me feel more calm, focused, and secure (and I'm tagging Susan on this). Here I go:

1. Breathing slowly in and out repeating to myself, "Calming (in), Smiling (out), Present Moment (in), Wonderful Moment (out)".

2. Taking a walk, especially where there are lots of trees and tree creatures.

3. Singing practice

4. Piano practice

5. Writing

6. Lying in corpse pose on the floor imagining someone I love holding my feet

7. Lying in the restorative pose where my legs are up the wall

8. Visiting an art museum

9. Running

10. Reading a good book

That was a good exercise. Speaking of exercise, I would really like to start running again. I have been saying that for months...


andre said...

Run Pam Run!

annalu alulu said...

That was a great idea for a post. I might do it, too. Suze indirectly taggged me...she tagged everybody... Anyway, I have a question about the first one. I thought you were supposed to breathe "out" something negative. I've tried that twice, I think, in my life. I hardly qualify as an expert. I like your way better, I think. (Suze and I were friends in middle school, in case you were wondering, way back when she was called "Susan") :-) ps-I like your blog!

pamigelsrud said...

Thanks! The breathing exercise comes from Thich Nhat Hahn's *The Miracle of Mindfulness* and is meant to make one very aware of the present moment. I have also done exercises where I breathe out something negative and those are great, too!