Monday, October 02, 2006

I'll admit it... I spent almost the entire day watching television. I was feeling really ill this morning (for womanly reasons) and decided TV would be a good distraction from the cramps and the extreme stomach ache I had from the Advil. Anyway... I ended up watching part of this awful show by that horrible guy who wrote that terrible book called, *He's Just Not that Into You*. On the show he had three people who were trying to make major life decisions and who had decided to let HIM make the decision for them. Yikes!! There was this lady who had taken the bar exam 3 times already and failed, who was ready to give up, but her son didn't think she should. He thought she should give it another try just simply because it's her dream to become a lawyer and she has come so far already. In the end, after an audience vote and advice from a lawyer (who I think must also be a motivational speaker), she decided to go for it and take the exam again. Somehow all this mindless, silly TV actually got me thinking about MY dreams and what it is I've been working MY whole life on and what it is I'm about ready to completely give up on. I actually started this as a reply to Susan's last blog entry, but decided to just post it on my own blog. Wouldn't it be nice to just give over my major life decisions to a talk show host, a motivational speaker, and an audience vote? If I did, what would they say I should do? Somehow it seems so much easier that way. No one asked her about financial issues or her own health or stress level. No one seemed to care about just how well she did in law school or whether she was really well-suited to the profession. It was just a matter of asking what she wanted, what she dreamed of, what she had been working on for so long. That's all that seemed to matter to them. Maybe that is really all that matters.

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