Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well, here I am at Kinko's again. I started temping at Dana-Farber again on Monday, working as the executive assistant for the head of the Radiology department, who has a very thick french accent. The more time I spend assisting people who are experts in their field, the more aware I become of the fact that I am not applying any of my education to my current work life. I think about applying to go back to school pretty much every day, but does it make any sense to finish my DMA? I think the only place in Boston I could apply to do a DMA is Boston University (since I think I have ruled out NEC, which rejected me once already and only takes a maximum of ONE voice DMA student a year). Other than that, the only other programs that make any sense to my confused brain are a Master's in Social Work or certification to teach music in the public schools. I suppose the other option would be to teach voice lessons privately and freelance. Too bad the house I live in doesn't have a piano. So, other than that, there's probably lots I could tell you... but nothing I'd be willing to write on my blog... so you'll have to call me. : )

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