Sunday, November 12, 2006

I tried to take pictures of the dog, but he just won't stand still!!


andre said...

Hey Pam,

Ok, so this has nothing to do with your post, but I've been reading this book I think you might really like. It's by Edward W. Said and it's called Culture and Imperialism. The misgivings and difficulties you’ve felt authentically performing concert music are borne out explicitly in this work. . thus far at least. . I'm just barely in it but already I know it's something I think you might enjoy.

Re: Racha-cha. . I haven't thought about the Old Toad in years!! That place was awesome. . but what about your favorite greasy spoon restaurant?. . For me it's a toss-up between Gitzi's (sp) and Charlie's Frog Pond. . and I miss Aladin's and Village Green! And the Pyramid Arts Center!

pamigelsrud said...

Thanks, Andre, for the book suggestion. I will have to check that out. I miss some things about Rochester, too... It wasn't all bad, was it? For some reason when I read your comment it made me think of Jerusalem Garden in Ann Arbor and how the last time I went through it wasn't open and I was so bummed. Isn't that random?