Friday, November 10, 2006

Just for fun (and as a distraction from the work I'm supposed to be doing), I thought I would make a list of my favorite places in certain categories in all the places I have lived. Hmmm...

Grocery store: Wegmans
Indian restaurant: Sahota Palace (Liverpool)
Coffee shop: Recess
Pub: Coleman's
Used book shop: Books End
Hall to sing in: May Memorial Unitarian Church
Place to run: I never really found one...
Place to walk: Green Lakes State Park

Grocery store: Wegmans (although the co-op is awesome there)
Indian restaurant: India House, I guess...
Coffee shop: Java's
Pub: The Old Toad
Used book shop: Brownbag Books
Hall to sing in: Kilbourn Hall
Place to run: Erie Canal in Pittsford
Place to walk: East Avenue

Grocery store: Trader Joe's
Indian restaurant: Kebab Factory
Coffee shop: Torrefazione, although there's probably somewhere better in the north end
Pub: Sunset Grill & Tap
Used book shop: Raven Books in Harvard Square
Hall to sing in: Jordan Hall
Place to run: Reservoir in Brookline
Place to walk: everywhere

Grocery store: Woodman's
Indian restaurant: I don't know the names of any of them... the one on Park St. was pretty good...
Coffee shop: Room of One's Own or Espresso Royale
Pub: that place on Regent St. with the pizza? or the Grumpy Troll!
Used book shop: Paul's
Hall to sing in: NOT La Maison Francaise! Morphy, I guess.
Place to run: Bike path by Willy St.
Place to walk: Path by the lake, you know, the lake... (um... the one by HC White)

Ok, I'd better get back to work...


tgstock said...

Pam --- I am sure your favorite place to run in Syracuse was the West Genesee HS gym with the sadistic PE teachers we had. Or maybe that scenic part of Fairmount where Diane took her infamous "walk" one fateful morning.

pamigelsrud said...

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Whiting... Diane? Oh, um, Diane's not here right now. She's, um, taking a walk..." (with a nice catholic boy...)

pamigelsrud said...

What were you doing anyway, Tom?????

tgstock said...

Wine Coolers & Maria Banks.

How sad was my high school experience.

Suze said...

madison just got trader joe's on monroe street. it's been open for less than a month.

we love it! all hail 3-buck chuck!!

pamigelsrud said...

What's 3-buck chuck? I must have missed that! : )