Sunday, November 26, 2006


Last night I got together with my best friend, Lara, her mom, brother Andy, and husband Jeff at the Skyline Grill in Syracuse for a little karaoke.

(Here's Lara and her mom (Anita) singing a lovely duet)

Afterwards (at around 3am!!) we went out to Denny's because we were HUNGRY from all the singing!

(Anita and Jeff)

(Andy and Lara)

Jeff made a t-shirt for the waitress (who was definitely on speed).


tgstock said...

Hi --- sorry I missed you in Syracuse --- my mom made brunch reservations for Friday AM rather early so we didn't end up going out --- hope you had a good visit.

Hopefully I will see you at Christmastime --- you are welcome to come crash in Rochester!

pamigelsrud said...

Sorry I missed you, too, Tom! Good luck with your new job! : )

andre said...

I miss you guys! love the pics!