Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ok, so I've finally pinpointed exactly what it is that drives me nuts about working at Dana-Farber. There is NEVER any music playing anywhere! It is TOTALLY silent here, but for people's voices and the sound of machines and forced air. Do I have the courage to put on some music and see what happens? Music has always been the redeeming aspect to any secretarial position I've held. Even the most mundane tasks can become so much fun when I am distracted by music. What ever shall I do?


Suze said...

just tell'em about how music has all these good psychological effects on people and bring in some CDs. people are suckers for "scientific evidence." you think that could fly?

pamigelsrud said...

Well, I was told there isn't a policy against it and I am welcome to play music at a low volume. So, I guess it was worth asking!