Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When I moved in with my mom earlier this year, I noticed that she always insisted on buying organic fruits and vegetables, but didn't buy organic dairy products. I pointed out to her that if she was concerned about the effects of pesticides, etc. she ought to be more concerned with animal products than plant products, as animal products take much longer for the body to process and thus spend longer in the system. In my opinion, if a person is concerned about the purity of one's food, the first product to be concerned with is meat, then dairy products, then plant products. As I don't eat meat myself, I don't find myself concerned with eating organic in that department, but I am concerned with dairy. As far as milk is concerned, I have come to the conclusion that above all things, I want to buy milk that comes from cows that have not been treated with Recombinant bovine growth hormone. I am not so much concerned that it is organic, although perhaps I should be. I am certainly not going to buy Horizon products, which are seriously questionable in their organic-ness. Have you noticed that Horizon has totally changed their packaging so that the word "Horizon" doesn't appear on the front anymore, perhaps due to bad press. Now the packages are innocuously pastel. You'd never guess from the picture on the front that the milk comes from a factory farm! Sadly, organic cheese and ice cream are much harder to find. My basic rule of thumb is to buy imported cheese, as RBGH has been banned by the EU. But when will the consumers who wised up enough to get the dairy industry to cut back its use of RBGH in milk realize that it is in other dairy products as well -- duh! The main thing that keeps me from consuming dairy products with RBGH is an image I can't get out of my head of a cow with mastitis, which is a condition cows treated with RBGH are more susceptible to. Gross! Your thoughts? (ps... i'm at work, so if this makes no sense it's because i wasn't able to proofread it well enough in my haste.)


Suze said...

i once heard an npr story about how people often start with milk when they decide to go organic. i think it's mostly because they want their kids to drink organic milk (since kids drink so much milk).
i wonder if it would be easier to find organic goat cheese than cow cheese. i'm sure it's $$$ though!

Steph said...

Do you know of any websites that rate the different organic dairy companies on how well they treat their animals? I know to stay away from Horizon but I'm wondering about the others. I know organic certification doesn't guarantee much about the treatment of the animals.