Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flying to Cleveland

So, this afternoon I'm flying to Cleveland to sing a concert for my friend, Dana, a composer who was in my class at Eastman. I'm excited to finally actually be singing a concert instead of just listening to one (though I'm sad to miss Ian's choir concert -- they're singing the Magnificat and it sounds really good). I'm excited because the concept of her piece is really neat and the music is very pretty. The piece is going to be performed in a church with the performers spread out, making the ensemble very loosely connected. She is hoping the audience members will experience the music from many different locations, sort of like they would with art in a gallery. It should be a really interesting performance and hopefully very fun.

I'm trying not to focus on the fact that I often get very anxious about flying. Hopefully I won't have to resort to drinking lots of alcohol before boarding the plane, which has been the case in the past. (the concert isn't until tomorrow...) Fortunately, I am ridiculously tired, so I should probably be ok.


andre said...

Safe travels, Pam!! And give Dana a hug for me! We missed seeing each other by *hours* in Chicago a few years back (March of '03 I think it was.) I was crashing with Jeff and Lara, and didn't know she was in town, or else I would have made time to see her. . but I'm so glad she's still composing! It's awesome you two are still in touch!

pamigelsrud said...

We need to have a reunion, dammit! : ) Thanks, Andre -- I will give Dana a hug for you!