Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm taking the lead here from Suze, the "list floozy":

5 Things I Want But Don't Have:

1. A plan (and the equipment) for developing and marketing myself as a singer. I think this probably includes the following things: renewing my subscription to "Classical Singer" magazine (which just expired), weekly voice lessons &/or coachings, a really good headshot and lots and lots of copies of it, lots and lots of copies of my resume, a really good demo CD and lots and lots of copies of it, the organization and will to actually send in my materials for opportunities (auditions) that come up and to potential employers, a great system/package for sending materials out.

2. A laptop that works. Ideally it would have MS Word and some sort of musical recording software, like "Garage Band", so I can keep writing songs.

3. Health insurance.

4. A financial cushion to help me out during times like now.

5. Physical fitness (mostly cardiovascular fitness, arm muscles, and flexibility).

5 Things I Have But Don't Want:

1. A nasty varicose vein on my left thigh and calf (or are there 2?).

2. Lots of excess body hair.

3. 6 outdated GRE study guides.

4. 5 books by Jan Karon. (Has anyone read them? Are they actually any good?)

5. CDs by LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, Shaggy, Limp Bizkit, Mazzy Star, Lush...

5 Things I Don't Want and Don't Have:

1. Fake boobs.

2. Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HPV, Parkinson's, Malaria, etc. etc. (you get the picture).

3. A pierced tongue.

4. An evil twin.

5. A 30 minute deadline to stop a team of mad scientists from spreading a virus that makes people sing or whistle Abba songs whenever they are within a 2 foot radius of concrete or asphalt.


tgstock said...

You need a very positive list as well --- "Things I am Glad I Have"

Mine might be ---

1. Roger
2. A full refrigerator
3. Books to read on a cold Rochester day
4. My new snazzy black shoes (Marshalls, naturally)
5. My new student who tells me everyday how funny I am and made me a card on Friday that said "I love Mr. Stockley"

See --- I feel better already! Try it!

andre said...

"CDs by LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, Shaggy, Limp Bizkit, Mazzy Star, Lush..." LO-freakin'L That sounds like an all-star line-up to me. . all we need is Color Me Badd to open and maybe the Shaggs to headline. (My pal foot foot. . I've Jeff and Lara to thank for that.)

Things I'm thankful for:
1. my hearing
2. my art
3. my mostly working brain and body
4. whole foods & clean water (as in the type of food, not the store, though I'm glad for that too.)
5. My students and family. Though both at times drive me nuts, I wouldn't be the same without them.
6. For you, Pam!
7. Real Hugs & Real Friends
Yeh!! This is cool. Oprah was right!

pamigelsrud said...

Ok, Tom! That's a good idea. Here are some things I'm glad I have:

1. Music / the ability to sing
2. Physical health
3. The ability to be my own counselor sometimes
4. A great city to live in
5. Really amazing people in my life

I love that both of your lives are blessed by your students! That's so awesome! : )

Suze said...

skip the jan karon books. they're not awful...but they're a little too warm and fuzzy for my taste.

dare i ask why you own CDs of leann rimes AND trisha yearwood????

pamigelsrud said...

Yes. I should explain the country CDs. So a few years back... or actually it's been more than a few now... while I was living in Rochester, I decided to audition for a country band that was looking for a lead singer. I bought the CDs for research purposes... I didn't make it as a country singer and I never listen to the CDs.