Saturday, December 09, 2006

So I took about a bazillion pictures while I was in Cleveland, but all with my camera phone, so not very many came out too well. The beautiful church where we performed was actually converted into an art gallery (a detail I failed to grasp before my arrival). The woman who owns it and runs the gallery lives in the rectory. Here is the view from the back loft:

And here is the view of the back loft from the floor:

These were taken during the afternoon before our rehearsal. They were still working to put together the opening for that night. Here are some more pictures:

I wish I could remember the artist's name. His stuff was pretty cool. Here are two of the pieces:

The top piece is set on strips of film with words typed on them. If I remember correctly, the bottom piece is oil on canvas with gold inlay. I wish I got better pictures!

The acoustics in the church were awesome. There was a 3 second delay, which sounded so pretty, especially during rehearsal when we rehearsed the round for 3 sopranos with 2 of us in the back loft and one in the front loft! Unfortunately, the acoustics amplified more than just the music, which was really disappointing during the performance, as the conversation pretty much killed the musical effects we were going for. Hopefully the recording came out well and hopefully we'll do it again. It's a great piece! I wish I could play it for you!

Dana's kids are SO cute and bright! I am so sad that I wasn't able to stay longer and hang out with them. I got one picture, of Seamus, who is 3, but regret that I didn't get pictures of John (8) or Peter (6). Seamus, Peter, and I played Santa and reindeer for a while. That was fun. We delivered a ton of fake toys.


andre said...

This is so great Pam. . The last I heard of Dana was when she was pregant with her first, so apparently she's been busy. The gallery space is beautiful and makes me want to do something for it! Hope it was fun to sing in!

pamigelsrud said...

Yes -- Dana is amazing -- 3 kids and another on the way -- and her PhD in composition! I feel lazy just thinking about it!