Monday, January 15, 2007

Hi, friends! Sorry it's been a while since I've written anything. Frankly, I haven't really had much to say and also I've realized that my camera phone really just doesn't take photos worth posting. I should have asked my mom to borrow her digital camera again, but I felt guilty about it. Anyway... I suppose I have something mildly interesting to report today. My landlady is away, as she had a last minute invitation to London for the weekend she couldn't refuse. So last night around 11:30pm or so, as I was trying not to fall asleep because I knew I still had to take the dog out, but actually was more like trying to wake up because I knew I had to take the dog out (or at least put him in a room where his pee and/or poo wouldn't do too much damage), I heard him start barking like crazy. So, I reluctantly got my arse out of bed and went down to see what was up. Crab (the dog) was on the second level, in my landlady's bedroom, barking up a storm by the window which overlooks the back patio. I don't recall what I've said on this blog about the dog already, but in case I haven't mentioned it, he's quite old (14) and his back legs are pretty weak and give out on him all the time. So, I was a little distressed that he was on the second level, knowing that I would have to walk him down the stairs (a difficult project). Near the bottom of the stairs, Crab had his front paws in a normal position, but had dropped to his knees on his back legs. I opened the door and he hopped down, eager to get outside. We walked for quite a bit. He always seems to do fine once we get outside, probably in part due to his penchant for fresh air. Then, as we returned to the house, I noticed something strange that worried me. The basement light was on. I had never seen that light on since living in the house, so I thought it quite odd. Why hadn't I noticed it on before now, unless someone was down there or had been down there since I was home last? The basement in this house is one that has to be accessed either from lifting a panel in the floor between the living room and dining room and descending those stairs or by a set of doors on the outside of the house. I suddenly remembered that my landlady told me someone once broke into the house through the outside door to the cellar, coming into the house through the inside panel in the floor. All I could think was that there could be someone in the house. I didn't know what to do. I tried to make sense of it, but I was tired, so I took Crab into the kitchen and closed the door. Then, I ascended the stairs to my bedroom. But when I got to my room, I found myself very anxious. I kept imagining someone in the house. So, I sent a text message to my friend, Ian. "Are you awake? I'm kind of freaked out because I just took Crab out and noticed the light is on in the basement." Less than a minute later he called back and sounded very concerned, telling me to just grab what I needed, keep him on the line, and get out of the house. My brain still half-asleep and my body trembling anxiously, I failed to grab anything but my purse and coat, but I made it to the car and once in the car discussed what options I had for dealing with the situation. Should I call the police? Was there some reasonable explanation as to why the light was on? Should we just return to the house in the daylight and check things out tomorrow? Should I wake the neighbors? I finally opted to just sleep in Ian's guest room, as he was happy to offer it and willing to return to the house with me the next day to make sure all was well. But, wasn't I embarrassed when we finally did return only to find out, first of all, that the outside entrance to the cellar has been boarded up and, second of all, that the light switch on the wall by the floor panel between the dining room and living room turns on the basement light and not, as I had thought, a light in the living room?! Uh duh... I suppose I should explain that I have been having a lot of trouble figuring out how to turn on lights in the living room. It is horribly dark in there and only two of the table lamps turn on by their own switches. I'm sure I turned on that hall light thinking it would turn on one of the other lamps that I haven't been able to turn on. Instead, I ended up freaking out myself and my friend (who had just finished watching *Memento* when he got my message, of all things). Oh well...

(Note: my landlady came home this evening and after I told her my story, she taught me how to turn on the main source of light for the living room. You have to pull down on the lamp's pole. I wonder why I didn't figure that out?)


djphotofiddle said...

wow-what a story! sorry you had to go
through all of that-but glad you now
know more about the lighting!

and could you make a decision to not feel guilty about asking to borrow the
camera- and just let your
mother say yes or no?
PS I have't used it at all.

pamigelsrud said...

thanks, mom! ok, i won't feel guilty when i leave syracuse next time with your camera! (ps - i didn't know you read my blog!)

andre said...

glad you're ok and that it turned out to be nothin'! amazing the stuff that the mind can do. . =)