Monday, January 01, 2007

I've been tagged and I, too, think it's a pretty weird tag. Thanks for the weirdness, Susan!

1. Find the nearest book.
2. Name the book & the author.
3. Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
5. Tag three more folks.

This book is by my computer because I'm a dork.
The Structure of Singing by Richard Miller
p. 123, sentences 5,6,7
"Exercise 9.1: The singer should begin directly on the primo passaggio pivotal note, in piano falsetto, crescendoing to voce piena and then back to falsetto. (It does not matter if register transition points are heard.) Immediately, a new onset in legitimate voice should be made on the same pitch."

Wow. That is very unexciting. Can I pick another book? Anyway, I guess that's part of the game.

So, I'll tag the only other three people who (I think) read this blog: Tom, Andre, and Ian. Are you up for this weirdness, friends?


tgstock said...

OK --- here's mine, from "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole.

Ignatius bit into his first sandwich, tearing it in half, and chewed contentedly for a while.

"I do hope that Miss Trixie does appear," he said after he had finished the first sandwich and emitted a series of belches which sounded as if they had disintegrated his digestive tract. "My valve will not tolerate luncheon meat, I'm afraid."

Well --- now you want to read more, right? Maybe that's the point of this exercise!

andre said...

Ok, this is interesting. .

From Thich Nhat Hanh's "Peace is Every Step" Lines 5-7 are actually from the middle of a poem Hanh wrote.

"I still arrive, in order to laugh and to cry,
in order to fear and to hope.
The rhythm of my heart is the birth and
death of all that are alive.

I am the mayfly metamorphosing on the surface of the river, and I am the bird which, when spring comes, arrives in time to eat the mayfly."

Pam, in the immortal words of another poet, Q-Tip,
"Keep it happy and keep the vibes goin'"
Happy New Year!

pamigelsrud said...

Thanks, guys, for doing this! Your responses were both very interesting! :-)

Ian said...

Well, I finally read your blog, and wouldn't you know it, I'm at work (for shame!), so the nearest book belongs to someone else, and I would have to walk through someone else's meeting to get to it. Thus, I won't be able to to follow your instructions. However, it is worth noting that the book is entitled World Wide Web, so I doubt that it is at all interesting...

pamigelsrud said...

Wow, Ian. Your office is sorely deficient in its supply of books. I mean, how do you get any information if you don't have books?

Ian said...

There's this thing called the Internet, I don't know if you've heard of it... ;-)