Thursday, February 22, 2007

If I were rich...

1. I would get rid of all my socks with holes in them and get new socks.

2. I would have only nice underwear.

3. I would go to a real dentist (instead of a student).

4. I would put a CD player in my car.

5. I would get an iPod (for running).

6. I would have a real piano instead of a crappy keyboard.

7. I would get a massage every day.

8. I would get a PhD in something interesting.

9. I would take voice lessons every week.

10. I would take piano lessons every week.

11. I would buy a new laptop with Garage Band on it.

12. I would travel to Florence, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, London, Dublin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, the Virgin Islands, the Grand Canyon, Utah (Arches Nat'l Park), Portland OR, Seattle, Vancouver, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Thailand, Bali, Japan, Greece, Switzerland, Madagascar... hmmm.. those are all the places I haven't been before that I'd like to go... then I'd like to go back to places I liked, like Edinburgh, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Paris, and San Francisco... and, of course, visit all my friends everywhere they are!

TAG! You're it, Susan! What are the first 12 things that come to mind that you'd like to have if you were rich?


Suze said...

just did it! and it was fun.

pamigelsrud said...