Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, I started a new job this week! I'm working as Assistant to the Head of The Corwin-Russell School in Sudbury, MA, which is about 30 minutes from where I live. The website describes the school as,

"an independent school for high-potential students 11-19 years old with varied learning styles, average to superior intelligence, exceptional creativity, attentional issues, untapped interests, talents, and strengths, and disparity between innate ability and past production."

There are about 50 kids in attendance here ages 11-19, about 20 teachers, and 2 or 3 dogs (depending on the day...)!

Everyone has been really nice as I'm slowly learning the ropes. Mostly I've been just answering phones. I'll let you know more as it happens!

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Suze said...

sweet! i hope you like your new job. how often do you get to work with dogs that cute anyway?