Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About a week before my recital, I was talking on the phone with my best friend, Lara, telling her I thought I was done performing -- that I thought the upcoming concert would be my last. I told her the anxiety in preparing this recital was too much and that it just wasn't worth it anymore. Here it is just three days after the recitals are over, I've recovered for the most part from the stress, and now I'm thinking about when I can sing again! It's a funny thing. I think recitaling is my ideal medium. Of all the ways I can express my talent, next to singing solos in church, singing recitals is what I love best. It's my love for the repertoire, the poetry, and the languages that drives my passion to sing recitals. But, it's also the intimate setting -- the comfort with the audience and amongst the performers. There is SO much great music to sing. Sometimes I get excited just thinking about programming -- music I've sung already and would like to perform again or new music I'd like to sing. In my "career" I've sung 9 full solo recitals (I think). That's close to nine hours of music I've studied, interpreted, memorized, and performed for an audience. (That doesn't include, of course, all of the other concerts I've sung on -- solos with choir, new music concerts, early music ensembles, other people's recitals, etc.) There is a lot of rep I've done that I'd like another shot at -- that I think I could sing better now. I should make a list! :-) I guess I have to figure that part of the reason I was so stressed out before this recital had to do with other things -- and with the fact that I had to travel to the site and only had a day to rehearse with the other musicians. But it all worked out really well, so I shouldn't have been so stressed out!! Thank you, Susan and Adrienne!! :-)

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