Friday, March 23, 2007

For some reason I am in a reading slump. I have read part of many books, but I haven't finished a book in months! So, I've decided to create a post that I hope will inspire me to read!! Your job, as a faithful reader of my blog, is to post (either as a comment on my blog or a post on your blog) the last 3-10 books you have read and then tell me which were your favorites. Descriptions are also most welcome. I would be so greatful!!! Thanks!

Here is my list:

The Road to Santiago (NF) - Kathryn Harrison
Fathers and Sons (F) - Ivan Turgenev
The Omnivore's Dilemma (NF) - Michael Pollan
The Brothers Karamazov (F) - Fyodor Dostoevsky
Suburban Safari (NF) - Hannah Holmes
Field Notes from the Northern Forest (NF) - Curt Stager
Introducing Sociology (NF) - Richard Osborne
Writing from the Heart (NF) - Nancy Slonim Aronie
The Giver (F) - Lois Lowry

Note the dearth of fiction...

So, let's see...

My favorite non-fiction book was Field Notes from the Northern Forest. That rocked! Curt Stager's writing style is really terrific and he explains all sorts of really fascinating things about nature. (Note: you may remember my comments about "Why Bugs Bite" that I posted a while back). I wish he would write another book! A close second would be the Omnivore's Dilemma. This book completely changed the way I think about food, which is pretty remarkable, I think.

My favorite fiction book was definitely The Brothers Karamazov, but I admit it took me a LONG time to read it. It's REALLY long and dense, but worth putting time into. There is SO much in there. I have to say Lois Lowry's The Giver was pretty awesome, too, in a totally creepy way.

So, help me out here, would ya?


pamigelsrud said...

Ok, so either no one reads my blog anymore or no one reads anymore... OR... you're all actually really busy people who haven't had time to respond yet. I'll bet on the latter and give you an alternate assignment... Just tell me ONE book you've read in the past year that you would recommend! PLEASE!!! Love ya! :-) Pam

Suze said...

i read your blog, i do, i do! the problem is, i have no time to read books. i started "the human comedy" a while ago, but you gave it to me, so that's no help. i think the last good novel i finished was called "a complicated kindness" by miriam toews. it's about a girl in a small town in canada. very teenage-angst, but well-written and there are some moments that are very funny.

Steph said...

i second "a complicated kindness." also, i just finished "the bowl is already broken" by mary kay zuravleff, which takes place in a fictional asian art museum on the national mall in D.C. and...i don't know how to describe it but from the little i know of you, pam, i think it's probably something you'd like.

"all the fishes come home to roost" by rachel manija brown is also very good. it's a memoir. the author was raised in an ashram in india by hippie guru-devotee parents, who were also kind of insane. it's very funny, somewhat disturbing, an extremely entertaining read.

andre said...

hey Pam,

Things have been crazy here! I mean nuts!. . but here's what I can think of off the top of my head..

Mama Lola- Karen McCarthy Brown; about a vodou priestess in Brooklyn

Philoosphy of Modern Music- Adorno; there's a recent translation by robert hullot-kentor that is really good, but probably best read with the blomster & mitchell edition to get some perspective. .

and I'm still working through Culture and Imperialism by Said;

Beethoven- M. Solomon's; a soulful biography of a strange composer with hairy hands

that's reading for work. . not readlly light reading, any of it, but it's good. .

I've picked up a work called Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen. What I've read of it looks promising. . it's memoir about a Vietnamese family that moves to Western Michigan in the mid 1970s

Oh, and Mirror to America by John Hope Franklin. . an autobiography about a professor growing up in the early 20thc and dealing with American racism. . again I've only gotten through a couple chapters but that's definately a summer read for me.

hope this helps!

andre said...

This makes me miss Jeff's annual reading list! We should try and get him to start that up again!

pamigelsrud said...

Yes, Andre! I agree - we should definitely get that reading list going again!

Thanks to all of you for your contributions! I am most grateful!

Suze said...

i second mama lola, andre's recommendation. that's a great book. make sure you find the more recent edition. i think there are more pictures.

some other books i've loved are:
dear exile (can't remember the authors)
my antonia by willa cather
empire falls by richard russo