Saturday, March 31, 2007

I just got a CD of the Syracuse recital in the mail from my Dad. I posted a few tracks on my MySpace page if you're interested. MySpace harassed me not too long ago about copyright infringement, so to avoid confusion I labeled the songs 1,2,3, & 4. I'll tell you what they are here:

1. En Sourdine (Faure) with Susan Gaeddert, piano
2. Danny Boy (trad.) with Susan Gaeddert, piano
3. With Rue My Heart is Laden (Vaughan Williams) with Adrienne Caravan, violin
4. Il pleure dans mon cœur (Debussy) with Susan Gaeddert, piano

(note to Susan: this recording is actually from the Oswego recital. I guess the Syracuse recital didn't get recorded - well, it was videotaped, but the audio quality isn't too good.)


Ian said...

The recordings sound great! You really sang beautifully. Who was the Danny Boy piano part by?

pamigelsrud said...

Awww... Thanks! My music doesn't say who the arrangement is by, so I don't know...