Friday, March 30, 2007

Pardon me as I temporarily make my blog really ugly while I am learning HTML!! I started taking a class last night called Intro to Web Design, in which I didn't really learn much, but which has inspired me to play around more on my own. The class is a sort of survey of the fundamental programming languages and software applications for developing web pages. It meets for 8 weeks and covers the basics of HTML, Web Editor(? - the second class is titled "HTML and the Web Editor"), Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Flash. HTML is the only one of those I know something about (well, that's a lie - I've also used Photoshop) - because of this blog - and what we learned in class wasn't much more than what I already knew - and we went through what could have taken us about 15 minutes in almost 2 hours. The course is offered by the local community education division, so there is quite a range in levels. The teacher seems like a smart guy, but so far in the first class he was occupied a lot of the time by rather elementary questions. Oh well. The most useful thing I learned was that I can view the source code for any web page easily by my web browser's tool bar (on Firefox, go to "View", then "Page Source"). I had no idea about that. That helps a ton because now I can look at a webpage and then look at the code that created it and let my brain wheels turn. So, I might learn a little something about something... :-) It makes life more interesting, given that during the day I am bogged down by rather mundane, yet very stressful, secretarial work.

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