Thursday, March 08, 2007

So, I'm writing to complain. I hate to do it, but you're the only one who will listen... :-) So I finally got a job that pays a decent wage. Although I clearly still have to learn how to spend money responsibly, at least now I have money to learn how to spend responsibly... you know what I mean? I'm in my first week of working full-time and here is my complaint -- I feel incredibly sluggish because I'm not getting enough exercise. When I was working at Harvard, although I was so poor I could barely pay my bills (and definitely wouldn't have been able to if it weren't for a very awesome, generous person who totally saved my life), one thing I had was time. So, I could afford the time it took me to walk to work or walk part of the way. But it's not just that, I also had the time and energy to go for a run in the afternoon. And, my job generally required that I run around the library a lot -- up and down stairs many, many times a day. Now I'm killing myself just to try to get ready to leave the house by 7:45am. (I am not a morning person -- at least not usually.) And, I spend 45 minutes in the car both to and from work. And, since I am responsible for answering the phone, I hardly ever leave my desk. Every day so far this week I have planned to go home and do something useful -- like practice for my upcoming recital with Susan or go jogging or anything -- but every day I have failed to do anything but fall asleep. I know what you're going to say. "It's your first week, Pam! You're still getting used to your new schedule! Daylight savings time is coming up and you'll be more motivated when it's light when you leave work! You'll come up with ways to be more active in time! Don't worry - you're not going to get super fat!" And you're right, oh wise blog reader! I need to chill out.

Oh, and PS, I do actually really like my new job.

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Maya said...

I can sympathize! Trying to give up coffee in the am when not a morning person, trying to switch to tea - poor results guaranteed!!

I've warned my loved ones not to ask me questions or stare directly into my eyes before 9:30 am! (The new groovy term for us is "genetic night owl, btw.)

Oh but jogging keeps me sane. OH BUT EXCEPT ITS LIKE MINUS TWELVE OUTSIDE! And starting a new job to boot? I feel your pain.

Don't worry, spring's almost here. *Sigh* :)