Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have some good news! Tonight, I successfully ate my first meal in 6 days without getting sick! (knock on wood...) I've had some sort of intestinal bug all week that has really been a huge drag. I haven't been able to eat anything really that hasn't made me sick. I've been pretty much ok with bananas, but even those haven't left me in a terrific state. And not eating has made me really, really tired. But, tonight my friend Lisa and I went out for sushi and I managed to eat Miso soup, tea, an avocado roll, AND green tea ice cream - AND - so far so good!! We also watched a pretty interesting movie called "The Science of Sleep". If you like artsy fartsy indy films, you'll probably like it. I did. :-)

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andre said...

Go Pam Go!! I'm so so so glad you're able to eat and that you're feeling better!!