Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm going to California yesterday! ... I mean, I'm in California!! So, apparently, it's not usually cold and rainy here -- only this one weekend I chose to come and visit. Hmmm.... And, unfortunately, I've been in the habit of getting up at 6am EST, so after lying in bed totally awake for a few hours, I finally decided to get up and check my email. Now it's almost 7am PT, so maybe I can convince someone to get some breakfast with me before too long. Ian has to work today, so I'll be spending the day walking around the area to see what it's like. I'm on vacation! I kind of feel like shopping! But I also heard from my friend Akiko, who went to Stanford, that there's a lovely view of the area from the top of a hill, known as "the Dish". So... hopefully I'll find some fun things to do today. Should I wear my flip flops, which I have been so longing to wear, or my sneakers, which might be more practical?... I'm on vacation! Who cares!! Tomorrow we're renting a car and driving to Monterey.

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