Monday, May 07, 2007

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head that you just can't get out? I wrote a song over the weekend and, as everytime I write a new song, I can't stop thinking about it. Which is ok, except that it's distracting me from my work a bit. I want to work on it, you know? Usually my tactic for getting a song out of my head is to think of another song. Usually the reason I want to get a song out of my head is because it's really annoying me and when I think of the replacement song, I often get equally annoyed by that song. You know, like substituting the theme from "the Brady Bunch" for "the Eye of the Tiger" or something. I have had several songs stuck in my head over the last couple of days, but all music that I really like. I liked most of the anthems we sang or rehearsed at church over the weekend. "I was glad, glad when they said unto me"... I wish there was a way to sing to you over this blog... oh well... "And God shall wipe away-ay-ay-ay all tears..." (that's a really beautiful one...) We did sing one really awful anthem on Sunday that involved all the men singing "the grass witherith... the grass witherith..." in unison. Mostly what was wrong with that anthem is that it was TOO long. But anyway, now that I think of it, I'm getting that stuck in my head. "Love one another with a pure heart fervently..."

All this talk of songs getting stuck in my head makes me think of a song I wrote last summer on my way up to visit my cousin, Annie, and her husband, Drew, in the Adirondacks. I was literally writing it as I was driving, which was kind of dangerous, but memorable! It ended up being a little bit country... I've never recorded it because I ended up singing it for Annie and Drew when I got there and then Annie got out her violin, Drew got out his guitar, and I just can't recreate that awesomeness on my own!...

I've got a full tank of gas and I'm headin' north
and I'm not gonna let this rain get me down
I don't need no radio, I've got the sound of my own voice
and I'm singin' as long as it gets me around
to the
Music of the Spheres, it's all in here just as long as I let go
and I'm already gone, singin' along to a song I didn't even know...

(there's more, but I can't really remember it... again, too bad I can't sing it for you... it's not bad...)


Suze said...

you should record these and put them up on myspace! i want to hear the country one.

DJ said...

when I was with Ann and Drew, they were talking about how neat your song was and how much fun
it was for the three of you together singing and playing it! It would be cool if you could get together
and perform it!