Sunday, May 06, 2007

I am in hell and the stupid thing is, I know why I can't sleep and why this is happening to me. I drank two cups of coffee around 1pm and I have been off caffeine for months now. This used to happen to me when I was in high school. I would drink coffee in order to do some assignment or study and then end up awake all night having paranoid delusions. I did this to myself. I deserve no sympathy. But ouch, it sucks. I am seriously miserable. (Sorry to complain, but who else will listen? Who, indeed, is up at this hour? Even people in CA are asleep...)


Steph said...

I have sympathy, Pam! I'm an insomniac and know how desperate things start to feel after each successive hour of no sleep...Even if you learn all about "good sleep hygiene" and get up at the same time every morning and avoid bright light before bed and all the rest, you're bound to slip up now and then and do stuff like drink coffee too late in the day. I hope you are feeling better now in spite of being sleep-deprived.

pamigelsrud said...

THANK YOU, Steph! I always appreciate sympathy! :-) (especially when I feel really stupid...)