Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm going to be moving this week and it has got me thinking about the things I will and won't miss about my current residence. I don't know how to make columns in html. Oh well.

Things I will miss:
- the dog (well... i guess i miss him already)
- the gorgeous gardens
- the awesome variety and abundance of birds
- the squirrels!
- the copper tub, which is SO nice
- the nice breeze that comes in from the trees outside my bedroom windows
- the Guatemalan couple who help take care of the house
- free laundry
- free wireless
- free parking
- the gorgeous art work on the walls
- the reservoir where i have been running
- the windy path up to the house

Things I will not miss:
- dog poop
- never knowing what random people are going to be in the house - staying or visiting
- having random people walk in on me while i'm in the tub or in my bedroom
- the isolation of living so far from other people/ activity
- the isolation of being alone so often in such a big house
- the lack of good lighting, especially in the bathroom
- feeling like i'm isolating myself because i don't want to socialize with random people
- showering in a shower with a see-through curtain in front of a window with no shade
- having obligations

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