Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So, finally it's really warm and sunny and nice here! The cherry blossoms are in bloom at the reservoir, the tulips are out, and all the trees have opened their new leaves (or they've reincarnated...). It's the kind of weather where I could imagine being happy sleeping outside and during the day I can be content in a skirt and flip flops. It's the kind of weather in which I like to open all the windows and let the fresh air cleanse my life with new energy and hope. I wish I could get them to see it that way at school (work)... There, the air conditioning is on full blast and all the windows are closed, so I have to wear a jacket in order not to freeze, which annoys me. Luckily, I am steps from the door and can (theoretically) get up and go outside anytime. But I don't get this air conditioning thing... I mean, in the middle of summer when it's boiling hot and air conditioning is really, really necessary, I can understand, but in these days of first blossoms, in these first days when it's really possible to go outside without a jacket on... why? why? why? the air conditioning????

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