Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yay, Mom!! You're the only one who could name a tune for all five songs!! I guess that makes you the winner!! :-) I know your address, so your prize will be on its way soon! :-)

I'll reveal to you now what tunes I was thinking of originally. I'm sure you're dying to know.

1. Danny Boy (yay, Susan!)
2. The Crucifixion (yay, Ian!)
3. Brahms 3rd symphony, 3rd movement (NOBODY guessed this one!)
4. On this day earth shall ring (aka Personent Hodie - yay, Jake!)
5. On my own (from Les Miserables - NOBODY guessed this one either!!)

Thanks for participating, everybody!!


Suze said...

hey, this looks like fun. maybe i'll do one, too. mind if i copy?

Ian said...

Oh shoot! You mean I'm not the winner?? I guess that's the end of my winning streak!

pamigelsrud said...

just as a note, the previous comment was left by the treacherous Pam, whereas this comment is being left by the noble and fair Ian

pamigelsrud said...

just a note, i am not treacherous! and i'm not so sure now that ian is noble and fair...