Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting to Know You Questionnaire

1. Where are you?
2. What's the weather like?
3. What kind of shoes do you have on?
4. Did you drink caffeine this morning?
5. What's next?

(My answers: 1. In my bedroom in Cambridge, MA; 2. Yahoo says it's 68 (high of 80). Sky looks blue and sunny out my window; 3. No shoes on; 4. Nope; 5. Get dressed and get to work! I'm running late (as usual)!)


Suze said...

1. Malibu, CA
2. Sunny and warm, but not hot. In other words, perfect. When is the weather not perfect here?
3. stinky Keens
4. Oh my yes.
5. I think I might browse the bookstore for something to read. I have a concert tonight and want to relax.

Jake said...

1. Home in Somerville, MA
2. Fantastic thunderstorm just blew through! I miss those grand western storms...
3. Just took off my old Bass oxfords that have been re-soled and repaired many times by the local shoe guy; very old-world shoes now
4. Heck yeah
5. Um... if I can motivate myself, kung fu class tonight

Steph said...

1. Home in Lawrence, KS in front of my computer
2. Slightly overcast, a little cool (meaning lower 80s), but i'm not fooled--in two hours it'll be scorching
3. None.
4. God yes
5. Grinding miserable editing--but at least i can stay barefoot