Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok, so I have been thinking it would be fun to make a different theme for each week day on my blog - for a while anyway...

I was thinking... Controversy MONDAY (in which I ignite a heated debate about something), Quiz TUESDAY (in which I post a quiz and give a prize to the winner), and today I'm starting...


I challenge you to write a limerick!!

Here's my try...

I once had a friend named Dolores
who was happiest singing in chorus
she sang loud and clear
in the bar with her beer
and her favorite llama named Morris

How 'bout you?

PS - (I haven't decided what the themes will be for Thursday and Friday yet...)


andre said...

There once was a woman named Pam
Who eschewed sav'ry mutton and ham
when asked what she eats
she says "yummy treats,
just no flesh from a pig, cow or lamb!"

pamigelsrud said...

Awesome! I love it, Andre! :-)

Ian said...

I don't want to write a limerick
I think I'll write a haiku real quick:
A limerick this
Poem is not quite, yet is.
I feel rather sick.

Jake said...

I once read a joke on a blog
about a fair maid and some frog,
but since I'm a doubter
and have an old router
the cachefile deleted the log!