Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today, I challenge you to write a sonnet!

Here's my stab at it:

Sonnet I

When in the night, my gmail sounds its bell,
and rouses me from dreams of distant lands,
I find a message hovers o'er my hands,
that seeks my comfort only for to tell.
But when I type my fingers cannot quell
the fury of my Apple's flaming fans,
whose wrath is soothed by wisdom of no man,
who keeps my message in its seeded hell!
My anguish knows only my heart's own cage!
It boils my blood and burns my innards all!
Its torments rage all through the winds around
and heeds not even common sense's call!
She opens not the next nor near next page!
Her brains remain responsive to no sound!

(Thanks for the suggestion, Jake!)


Jonah said...

The Squish, who often lies in strange repose
Upon her side with outflung legs, is so
Damn cute, and when she saunters with her slow,
Sad gait, I oft pursue where'er she goes.
Her sweet cascading rolls of gelatin
Upon each shank, and gooey jowls that drip
Coagulated sweat-juice from the lip,
Direct my path from virtue unto sin.
And yet, of late, you've ran each time I've turned
My gaze to you to offer some caress.
Do you not know of the insane distress
Inflicted on my mind when I am spurned?
Oh Squish, the baby Squish! Please don't upset
My senses by denying me a pet.

Jake said...

this is an old one...

With air that's drifting through sheets of frozen time
Two disparate worlds are clasping each others skin
That one may change, perhaps, its partner's sublime
Soul of heat or lack of body within.
O earth and sky, you both sing songs of love,
But why apart do your voices sing together?
In the midst of your union your harmonies are each like a dove
And yet these forms belong to different weather.
The trees of life still stand between these planes
Bridging the gap by their need to grow with reason
Their limbs immobile but bent by time into vanes
Accepting the sky and breathing the earth by season.
Those trees, both you and I and every other
We live immobile, to every branch a brother