Thursday, June 14, 2007

Still Getting to Know You - Short Questionnaire

1. Who was your first pet?
2. What was the address your parents took you home to after your birth
(number & street name)?
3. Where did you go on your first trip in an airplane?
4. Where did you go on your most recent trip in an airplane?
5. What is your favorite weather?

(My answers: 1. Spotty (a dalmation); 2. 45 Sherry Dr.; 3. Syracuse to Orlando on Eastern Airlines (I think); 4. Boston to San Jose on Jet Blue; 5. Sunny skies, ~70F)


andre said...

1. A collie named Zeus
2. Can't recall. .it was a not so nice apartment complex. .
3. DISNEYWORLD! Takeoff was scary as hell. .I was not ready for it! I screamed. . out loud.
4. Back to Michigan
5. Autumnal chill in the air. . 63F, with low winds. Writing this I can still taste the chill wind on my skin. . =)

Jake said...

1. Mocha and Gray, a sealpoint and a bluepoint siamese
2. Wabash Street
3. Oh man, my parents both flew light planes, so I think I went on a local hop long before I remember going anywhere
4. Boston to Sarasota on Delta
5. Either a massive western thunderstorm, or partly cloudy, calm, low 70s

chris said...

1. pikabu
2. can't recall the number, but if was on NY 5+20, East Avon, NY
3. Florida (just like Andre!) - In the windy winter, and I threw up nearly the entire way. I am still a bad flyer.
4. Hong Kong. I did not fit in the seats, the United staff was super mean, and on the way back, we hit an air pocket leftover from a severe typhoon over the Pacific, and I thought we were all going to die. As a comic aside, one of the bitchy United staff landed on her bum and spilled a tray of water everywhere...but if was not really funny at the time. I am not getting on a plane again anytime soon. (I have to in March 2008 for another concert tour...)

5. I like early summer. Not too hot, everything is newly green, and school is done!