Monday, July 30, 2007

Controversy Monday!

Ever since I worked as a waitress, I have consistently been a pretty good tipper at restaurants. For a while I even found the need to educate folks about the importance of tipping and was surprised at how many don't realize that waitstaff are paid significantly less than the minimum wage and are totally dependent on tips for their income.

That said, I do not consistently tip at coffee shops or other establishments where I buy my food or drink at the counter and find a tip jar by the register, though for me it is always a moral dilemma. It pretty much always comes down to how much money I have in my wallet and whether I can live with myself if I don't tip. But why am I so torn? Those folks make a better flat rate than waiters do... but then again, I know it's not really a living wage.

What are your thoughts about tipping?

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Ian said...

I like cow-tipping. It's definitely because I know they don't make a living wage -- I eat them all the time. Cow-tipping helps them to understand their place in the universe, so that they can get through the next day. Which is why I have to do it every night.