Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting to Know You:

1. Do you own a copy of the new Harry Potter book?
2. If so, did you finish reading it yet?
3. How many times did you read each of the other HP books?
4. Do you normally read a lot of Science Fiction/Fantasy-type novels?
5. Which do you like better? The LOTR books or Harry Potter?
6. Who are some of your favorite Sci Fi authors?
7. Which is your favorite HP book?
8. Have you been to JK Rowling's website and taken the trivia quizzes?
9. If you haven't read any HP books, why?
10. If you haven't read the newest HP book, why?

(My answers: 1. no :-(; 2. see #1; 3. once; 4. no; 5. LOTR; 6. Tolkien and Rowling, i guess; 7. the last one; 8. yes; 9. n/a; 10. because i don't have any time right now)


Steph said...

Oh, this is a fun one. Pam, your blog is just dangerous for the procrastination-minded, a veritable freakin' interactive playground.

1. Yes.
2. Yes. In one sitting (with pee breaks).
3. Hard to say...probably an average of two times apiece. I have heard the firt two chapters of the Jim Dale audiobooks recording of "Order of the Phoenix" about 300 times because we happen to own it (road trip). My husband always says he wants to listen to it again, and we never get very far and then we have to start over because he never remembers what happened.
4. I never used to, but since the advent of HP I have come around in a big way. Fantasy more than Sci Fi (insofar as they can be separated).
6. I'd probably characterize them as fantasy authors, but Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, and J.K. Rowling (of course). Next on my reading list is Philip Pullman.
7. The one I just finished.
8. Been to the website, haven't taken the quizzes. I should!
9 and 10: SO N/A.

Steph said...

Hey, I skipped 5! I'd say Harry Potter. I like a lot of things about LOTR but buckle a little under the relentless maleness.

Jake said...

1. no
2. see #1
3. once - the first one
4. heck yeah
6. Azimov, Clarke, Le Guin, Ian Banks, Vernor Vinge
7. um... only read the one, didn't like it!
8. um...
9. see #1 - I basically just didn't enjoy it. found it puerile, derivative, and so on. I'm a real curmudgeon, ain't I?
10. see #9 :)

Suze said...

1. i own 2, though one hasn't arrived yet. stupid UPS.
2. yup
3. three or four...i'm not sure.
4. no
5. definitely HP...though the LOTR movies are better than the HP movies
6. i don't read enough to say. i've only read the "ender's game" series, and though i liked it, i haven't read any other sci fi.
7. either #3 or #7, i can't decide
8. no
9 and 10 i'm obviously not answering :)

Pam said...

Thanks, Steph! I'll take that as a compliment... :-) Thanks for participating in all my silly little quizzes and questionnaires, y'all!