Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting to Know You! (Why don't I procrastinate a little longer...)

1. Are you wearing contacts or glasses or neither right now?
2. When did you last pet an animal?
3. When's the last time you saw your Mom?
4. What do you wish you had to eat right now that you don't?
5. Name 5 people you saw yesterday.
6. When's the last time you saw me?

(my answers: 1. glasses; 2. tuesday - jezebel, vana, and bear; 3. tuesday; 4. a scone, some fruit, milk to make a shake, anything really... i'm hungry and i don't have any food to eat, as usual; 5. kathy, chesley, collin, chris,... wow - that's it, actually. well, i mean, i saw some people at verrill farm and the fed ex place and on my street, but i don't know them; 6. just now in the mirror.)


Jake said...
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Jake said...

1. glasses; 2. five minutes ago as Ophelia woke me up; 3. last September; 4. a grapefruit; 5. Dana, Rob, Talia, Ralph, Erin (I probably see 50 people a day at work); 6. July 4th

j said...

3.last week boss,some co-workers,my roommate
6.last week

andre said...

1. neither
2. it's been a while. . probably some random dog on a leash of some nice person I don't know. =)
3. last December
4. nothing, really my tastes are pretty spartan.
5. my dean, and colleagues
6. was it '04? It's been a little bit.

Suze said...

1. contacts
2. thursday - my teacher's dog Ernie
3. a few weeks ago in Malibu, when she was there to babysit Daniel!
4. Ellen, Julia, Stephanie, Stu, Daniel
5. narch

Suze said...

oops! i meant "march" not "narch"