Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I was very sad to read that Beverly Sills died on Monday. She died of lung cancer, though she had never been a smoker.

You Tube has a good collection of recordings of her singing. Not sure this is the best, but my computer is way too slow to find out for sure.

She was an AMAZING singer and a true inspiration. Watching her sing on these You Tube clips, I'm not just impressed by the incredible beauty and flexibility of her voice, but also by the wondrous joy that exudes from her being as she sings.


andre said...

What was the name of that flower shop in Ra-cha-cha? Was it on the corner of East Ave and Union? God, that was a joyous place. . Arena's? What that it?

I have a vague memory of giving you flowers. . I think it was for premiering the little cycle I wrote for you in '93. Talk about a million years ago! Thanks for remembering that. . it's fun to think about those days now. .

Happy 7/4/07! All power to the people! =) and happy studying!

Pam said...

Yes - Arena's! Funny the places you never forget!

And, yes -- let's see... this is off the top of my head...

For Emilia: Am I alone? Am I in one body? Would you find me if I were to go away? Find me! Find me on the desert sands. Liken me to dying birds. Find me on the hill of prayer. Find me inside. Don't you understand?

For Lara: Know that the moon when in the sky last night floated beside a clear bright planet... (hmm... can't remember the middle) and beside it, a mole!

For Pam: I remember that you climbed upon my bed to help me draw the patience tree in blue and plum cherry tones that matched the pictures behind your eyes.

How did I do? Still love those. Wish I had a recording.

Pam said...

oops - wait - i think "picture" should be singular, because it refers to that beautiful painting your grandmother did.

andre said...

I'm glad you like them . . your memory of them amazes me, and is stronger than mine, in part, I think, because I've tried to forget them! =). . . Nothing in the world is like angsty, teenage concert music. . . But you were wonderful. =)

I'll contact you soon re: your email.

nice pic!

andre said...

and the lost line in Lara's poem was: "it was like the curve of your smile"