Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm in Syracuse again! Jezebel is poking at me and Vana is scratching at the door. Not sure where Bear is. I just "helped" my Mom take her second shower since being home from the hospital. I didn't actually have to help her at all this time. I just stood outside the door in case she needed me. She's walking with a cane now, too! (instead of a walker). What a relief to know she is able to take care of herself independently! Well, I mean, she's not able to drive yet, but she does most things herself now. Last night was her first time out of the house. We went to see my brother, Eddie, perform at a coffeehouse in Baldwinsville. He actually hadn't planned on any performances while he was here, but randomly got an email from this coffeeshop (which is run by the Pastor from a local church) saying that they loved his album and wanted to have him come and perform. And he just happened to be in town! It was pretty neat. My Mom and I know all the songs by heart now, so we were singing along. My Dad and his girlfriend, Martha, were there, too, as were Eddie's best friend Mike's parents, Ruby and Ray. I have to leave pretty soon for my second "George Sand and Chopin" rehearsal of the weekend. I'm pretty sure the composer is going to be there this time. Yikes! And I've been a total delinquent and haven't yet turned in my computer class homework. Gotta get on that.

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andre said...

So glad to hear your mom is doing better. . I've never mentioned that I stopped by Eddie's site a few months ago. . . and "Listen and Obey" is loged quite firmly in my head. . catchy tune and very high production value!!
wishing you good!