Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's 6:00am and I'm up so I can study for my midterm, which I'll take this evening after work. But first, why not write up a little quiz for you?


Briefly describe the nests/living quarters of the following animals: (like is it underground, above ground, in a tree, what materials are generally used, how big is it?, etc.)

1. scooby doo
2. batman
3. mighty mouse
4. blue from blue's clues
5. harry potter
6. the cowardly lion

The prize for this quiz is a surprise!! I promise it will be better than chocolate!

(Apologies to Jake, who won the last 3 quizzes and still hasn't received any chocolate. I'm very sorry for the delay, but promise I'll send it this week.)


andre said...

please forgive me foregoing the quiz, but I write to say. . . good luck on the midterm!!!

Ian said...

1. scooby doo -- He lives in the Mystery Machine, a VW-style van with an LSD-induced paint job.

2. batman -- He lives in a mansion with a cave underneath for all his cool stuff.

3. mighty mouse -- He lives in Mexico, but he comes up occasionally to save the day.

4. blue from blue's clues -- He lives in a dog house.

5. harry potter -- He lives in a house on Privet Drive part of the time, and in a boarding school for the magically insane the rest of the time.

6. the cowardly lion -- He lives at my place, although he used to hang out in the forest in Oz.

I want a surprise! :-)

Pam said...

mighty mouse lives in Mexico?

Pam said...

the cowardly lion lives at your place?

Pam said...

by the way, thanks, andre!