Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting to Know You some more...

1. What should you be doing right now instead of reading my blog?

2. If you're at work, what would you rather be doing right now?

3. What are some things you could do (that you aren’t doing now) that if you did on a regular basis would make a tremendous positive difference in your personal well-being?

4. What are some things you could do in your professional life (that you aren’t doing now) that if you did would make a positive difference?

5. Do you have a lot of unfinished business to take care of? -- phone calls to return, emails to respond to, bills to take care of, laundry to do, tidying to do to make your living space more enjoyable to be in, etc.??

6. What is one thing you do regularly *just for fun* without criticizing yourself for how well you do it?

7. What is one thing you do regularly that is always challenging for you?

8. What makes you feel old?

9. What makes you feel young?

10.What is one new place you'd really like to visit this year?

(me: 1. updating the SPED list; 2. learning the music I'll be recording with Susan; 3. RUN!!, do exercise to increase my muscle mass, especially my arm strength, eat more vegetables, think more positively; 4. take auditions, make high quality promo materials and send them out, learn to be more confident (drugs, therapy, hypnotism??), keep trying instead of giving up; 5. well... i'm in the middle of packing, so i would have to say "yes"; 6. i don't tend to do things i don't think i'll do well... hmmm... i wonder why i wrote this question...; 7. i'm done with my computer class and that was 8 weeks of a constant challenge for me. if i kept at it and kept trying to learn web design and development, that would continue to be a challenge. also, if i started trying to build arm strength again. oof. that is hard; 8. numbers, other people, expectations; 9. nature, beauty, music i love, board games, laughing hysterically, good friends; 10. arches nat'l park/moab,ut)


andre said...

1. Preparing my classes.
2. I'm *always* at work.
3. Treat myself with the same kindness I try and share with others.
4. Allow myself to *enjoy* composing more!
5. Yes. . but it's manageable.
6. dance salsa
7. prepare for teaching. . while teaching is fun, the preparations. . I'm still working on not feeling so horrible/inadequate with that.
8. my students
9. my students
10. I don't really have a burning desire to see anyplace new. . I miss MI though. And I want to see friends in NYC. . and Chicago.

This was fun! Thanks Pam! And all my best with your goals and your move!

Suze said...

1. making sure daniel doesn't get into trouble, cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry...

2. i'm always at work, since i work at home. right now i'm happy where i am, but i wish my house were cleaner.

3. well, if i weren't pregnant, i'd be running. i should be swimming, especially since i'm pregnant, but finding the time is just impossible.

4. practicing 4 hours a day instead of 1-2, schmoozing. oh, how i hate to schmooze. moving to the east coast (which i would really hate, i think) and getting professional gigs there.

5. see #1...also, i have to find someone to do some songs on my dissertation recording project that i just received last weekend. i need to do that NOW.

6. knit

7. anything that requires being super-organized

8. my gray hair, having kids

9. people older than me having kids :)

10. well, it's not going to happen but i would SO love to go to scotland. 2 months ago my answer would have been malibu, CA...and now i've been there!