Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting to Know Your Childhood Room

1. What was your favorite thing about your childhood room?

2. What was your least favorite thing about your childhood room?

3. If applicable, what did you envy about your brother or sister's room?

4. Did you have stuffed animal friends as a child? If so, who were your favorites?

5. What was your closet like? What was in it?

6. Was the floor hardwood or carpeted?

7. What was on the walls?

8. How did you listen to music?

9. Where did you do your homework?

10. Do you still have a room in your parents' house? Is it the same room you grew up in?

(1. My favorite thing about my room was mostly just that it was my room. I went through many different redecoration phases and I loved changing things around to suit my tastes.; 2. I was afraid of the dark until well after I left home, so probably my least favorite thing was that I thought there were ghosts in there at night.; 3. My brother had really neat wallpaper with brightly colored animals on it that I liked. Also, he had a bed with a trundle bed under it that pulled out, which I always thought was neat.; 4. I had a LOT of stuffed animal friends as a child. Blue Banana was the one I was inseparable from (he was a blue and pink bulldog).; 5. My closet was two doors wide and a couple of feet deep. I guess there were clothes in there. I also have random memories of playing in there with my cousins.; 6. I think most of the 18 years I lived there it was hardwood. I got a silvery-grey carpet in high school, I think.; 7. When I was really young I had pink, purple, and green wallpaper with little girls and dragons on it?? Hmm... what was on that wallpaper? I had various other purple wallpaper or just paint. I had various pictures of rock stars and such... At some point I think I decided for grey walls to match my grey carpet? Strange...; 8. I think I always had a record player. I remember listening to music or recorded stories on record -- also singing multiplication tables! At some point in high school I got a CD player. That was cool. And I also often listened to pop radio.; 9. I think I did my homework at my brother's desk in my brother's old room actually. By the time I was old enough to have significant homework, he had moved into the basement.; 10. I do have a room in my Mom's house, although technically I think it's really Jezebel's room now. It's not the same house I grew up in.)

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Jake said...

1. It was mostly underground, and I always thought that was cool
2. It was mostly underground, and I was convinced that made me easy prey
3. He had a bunk bed, which I always kinda wanted
4. Heck yeah. Tons. Betty was (and is) the most companionable
5. Small, filled with junk mostly
6. Bare concrete until we put down this really dense brown carpet sometime in grade school
7. Nothing but the blue, peeling paint
8. Didn't in my room, really
9. What do you mean, do my homework?
10. Nope - parents long split, house sold, not even guest rooms in their new pads