Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting to Know Your Limits

Imagine you are getting to know someone as a friend -- hanging out with them for the first time. Considering that everything otherwise is going quite well, which of the following things would make you *seriously* question whether you wanted to hang out with him/her again?

a) S/he picks his/her nose and eats it unabashedly in your presence.

b) S/he stares repeatedly at your crotch with an alarmed expression that leads you to think maybe you have spilled something on yourself (which you haven't done).

c) S/he asks to borrow $50 so s/he can buy a pair of sunglasses s/he really likes.

d) S/he describes a really disgusting toilet incident to you while you are eating.

e) As you part, s/he punches you really hard in the chest and says, "See ya, stupid!"


Steph said...

I have to say these would all be deal-breakers for me. Probably "c" more so than any, but "a" might do the deed the most efficiently, since I'd throw up if someone ate their boogers in front of me, which would probably be perceived as offensive. I mean, I would seriously throw up. If I think too long about it, I'm going to throw up right now just imagining it. I really have a thing about other people's snot.

Suze said...

i'm not sure i could handle any one of these things...except that given the right occasion, i might just be the one who is guilty of d). you know, like if i'm in the presence of my little brother or something :)