Monday, August 06, 2007

Getting to Know Your Routines:

1. Who does the dishes in your house? By hand? or dishwasher?

2. Do you exercise? If so, what do you do?

3. How often do you grocery shop? Do you always go to the same place?

4. Do you listen to music while going to sleep?

5. What kind of alarm do you wake up to?

6. Do you read before bed?

7. How often do you check your email?

8. How often do you talk to your family - mom/dad/siblings/grandparents, etc?

9. What do you watch regularly on television?

(Me: 1. We each do our own dishes, by hand; 2. I used to run....; 3. I grocery shop whenever I am out of the essentials (milk, bread, PB, jam) and at other random times. I normally shop at the Harvest Co-op, but sometimes shop at the little market next door; 4. sometimes; 5. 2 alarms - one on my phone, the other plays church bells; 6. usually; 7. six billion times a day; 8. Since my Mom's surgery, we have been talking almost every day. Usually my contact with family is pretty erratic. It's nice to talk every day.; 9. Nothing)


andre said...

1. I do. . by hand.
2. Yes. . I lift weights and do cardio @ gym, and recently started tennis again, which makes me happy.
3. Wednesdays & Sundays. . usually at Wholefoods.
4. Not often.
5. *beep beep beep beep. . .*
6. Sometimes
7. During the schoolyear, at least 3times per day.
8. once per week at least.
9. I don't own a T.V. but I watch Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Does that count? =)

Jake said...

1. we each do our own (mostly), by hand and dishwasher.
2. I used to kung fu, been bike riding.
3. every couple weeks, usually go to Wild Oats.
4. nope.
5. buzzer. snooze. buzzer. snooze. and so on...
6. sometimes, depends how late it is.
7. yeah, I'm on the six billion times a day plan.
8. oh it's all over the place. averages about once a month.
9. no tv, but a friend at work tapes assorted sci-fi goodies like Doctor Who, Eureka, and BSG.

Steph said...

1. Me or my husband, depending on who's cooked. By hand, because our dishwasher is broken and didn't save much time anyway.
2. Yeah, I walk, lift weights, do yoga and some silly stuff on the balance ball.
3. Usually about twice a week, at some combination of the farmer's market, the food co-op, and the grocery store.
4. No. My husband sometimes likes to listen to Steve Reich to go to sleep, which creates a conflict. (Have you ever heard of a non-musician who listens to Steve Reich? He's a weirdo.)
5. My cell phone alarm, which simultaneously beeps and buzzes. Horrid.
6. Yep. Can't sleep otherwise.
7. Also on the six billion plan.
8. Once a week or so.
9. No TV, but watch the same old shows on DVD over and over again: Buffy, Arrested Development, various Britcoms.

Suze said...

1. Me, ordinarily. Daniel likes to "help"...and he's getting better at pouring all the rinse water in the sink instead of on the floor.

2. I don't have a routine, but I run after our toddler and go downstairs to do laundry/wash diapers pretty often, so it keeps me in decent shape.

3. Once or twice a week. Farmers' market, Co-op, and occasionally I run to the market at the end of the street or the big grocery store if we need canned tomatoes or run out of milk or something.

4. Never.

5. "Waaaaaaah! MAMA MAMA MA MA MA MAMAMA" (If we're lucky, he waits until 5:30am to do this.)

6. Usually.

7. A lot (hey, Pam, you need to email me...)

8. My mom, now that she is retired, calls me several times a week. I talk to my brother a couple times a month, depending on how busy he is.

9. We subscribe to The Daily Show on iTunes and download The 4400.

Celeste Winant said...

1. I do my dishes and my BF's dishes. I do most in the machine, but weird stuff by hand. My housemate does his own becuase he doesn't believe in the dishwasher.

2. Yes, but irregularly. I try to recreate my high school glory days on swim team 1-2 a week. WHen I am feeling less punishing, I stretch, walk. SOmetimes I have to run after the bus.

3. No regular patterns. I shop everywhere; get a free veggie box from a CSA because I let them use my porch as a drop off. Next, Trader Joe's, Yasai veggies, Ver Brugge bakery, Safeway, Market Hall. I also have a nice veggie patch in my backyard. Ask me for favas next spring.

4. No music

5. Usually don't; when I have to, its my small "NIST accurate" travel alarm.

6. Occasionally. It takes me 2 minutes to fall asleep once I start. I read more on bart.

7. Like, 20 times a day. Continuously while at work.

8. 1/week with mom. 1-2/month with dad. 1/week with sister.

9. These days; McLaughlin Group, Generation Kill, just finished OZ. Its summer. TV sucks. I'm looking forward to The Thursday Funny lineup, if there is going to be one this fall. And BSG.